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Below are some unsoliticed testimonials. These are the actual emails (or portions of) that people sent us after receiving their photos.

Thank you so much for the email, and of course the pictures!  I've looked through them quickly and have been beyond satisfied with them!!!! =D  They are all so perfect!!!! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!!  The photos have just blown us and our families and friends away!  It's keeping all of us talking and excited!  You and Jenny have captured every, every memorable moment, not to mention that it was so fun having you as our photographers!! =)  We couldn't ask for anyone better!!!! =D  You really understood what we were looking for and brought out the best in everyone and everything through your photography!  I would definitely recommend you highly to anyone and everyone!!!!!  (all the !!!!!!! equals me really excited!!!!!) 

Susan & James

I just want to thank you for all the hard work and time you put in for our wedding.  I know this must be a very busy time for you.  You are very very good at what you do.  I have been referring you to my friends and family.  I have received a lot of great complements about the pictures.  Thanks again for everything.  I hope I haven't been to much of a pain in the butt.


We LOVE the pictures!!!!  You did a fantastic job!!!!
-Tamara & Kristjen
What an AMAZING job!!!!, we are sooo happy with the photos!!!! :)
Thank you very much!!!!
We are really happy, you are incredibly good, you captured all the feelings and the special moments!.
Have a great day. :)

Hi Naomi,
Thank you! Thank you! The pictures are awesome! I love them all.
I just wasn't able to see the others yet, as I don't know the password even with the hint "wedding location". I'd like to ask for the password please. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.
Again, the pictures are great! Thank you for the beautiful pictures.


Hi Naomi,

The pictures you and Jenny took are AWESOME! We love them sooo much!!! It
was a wonderful experience, and we are looking forward to work with you guys
on our wedding!!


Hey there Naomi!

The photos are beautiful! We absolutely love them and are thrilled we booked you as our photographer. Everyone had only wonderful things to say about you at the wedding.

Thank you so much for capturing all our wonderful memories!

All the best,
Sandra and Gugu

Wow! They are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much.


Dear Naomi,
I LOVE the photos!!!! WOW!!! You are REALLY good!!!!
I am SO grateful.
The practioner who is sharing my room with me...Lynn Edel....will be getting a hold of you.  I told her how awesome you are.
Talk to you soon,
Wow Naomi! You've done a fabulous job on these photos. You were able to capture the many special moments throughout the day and even little looks or moments that I didn't remember until seeing your photos. I really appreciate your work and talent and especially the fact that you were both so laid back and subtle about capturing the entire day on film. I'll be sharing the link and also getting in touch with you about our options. Jean and I really need to take some time to look through all the pictures before we get back to you again.
Thanks so much!!
Gillian and Jean
OMG!  We love them!  You and Jenny rock!  You really captured the day.  I love all of them.  There might be one or two that we have you edit a little, and maybe a couple to switch out of the album, but we couldn't be happier.  Thank you so much!  We'll probably absorb them for a few more days and get back to you with the changes. 

Talk soon!

Amber :)


Naomi's photos have been published in calendars and various magazines across canada such as Photosho, Canadian photographer's Showcase and Photolife, Canada's leading photography magazine and National Geographic. She was recently named one of Canada's top emerging photographers by Photolife, and her photo was chosen as the poster for the upcoming 2012 competition.







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