Wedding Photography Checklist

Don't want to forget anything? There is a lot more to pack than just your camera gear if you want to be fully prepared and even have some things on hand for the bridal party that they might have forgotten! This list will make you the hero! (It has made me one many times, and not for the photography related stuff, that's my job... it was for bringing the little extras for the bridal party that they didn't expect.)

So, here is what I call the "essential" gear checklist.

The Best Wedding Photography Checklist Ever! (...that we know of) ;)

Camera Gear:
* Camera and Lenses
* Back up camera (if available)
* all memory cards empty and freshly formatted
* spare camera batteries
* camera battery charger

* Primary Flash
* Flash slaves
* diffuser attachment for flash
* flash plates
* light stands
* umbrellas
* wireless remote
* spare flash batteries
* AA battery (or flash battery) chargers

Other Photography Stuff:
* "empty"& "full" labeled ziplock bags for batteries and memory cards (so you can easily identify which ones you've used)
* reflector
* tripod
* gray card
* Lens cloth

Wedding Items:
* cloth for bride to sit on
* plastic bags and elastic bands (weather proofing stuff for cameras in case it rains)
* small towel (to dry off gear if it gets wet)
* formal shot list of group shots that the bride & groom want

Human Needs Related Gear! (*Bring some extra for the bridal party too, if you can... )
* snacks (fruit and granola bars work great)
* water bottle
* cooler
* sunscreen
* mosquito repellant

* laptop (to transfer images for backup or if you run out of space) optional
* usb cable (to connect to laptop)
* business cards
* change for parking meters
* pen
* map and directions to all locations for the day
* umbrella
* cell phone






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