Private Photography Lessons

Improve Your Photos After Just One Private Lesson

Let me ask you this: How many things (courses, ebooks) have you bought online and then never finished?

If you’ve tried online videos and distance learning before, you already know there is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. The problem isn’t finding it, it’s narrowing it down to what you actually want to learn, and then actually doing it.

With private lessons you don’t waste any time.

Here’s how private photography lessons will help you:
  • They make you accountable – You’ll actually do them! It’s not an anonymous video that no one notices if you watch or not.
  • They are at your Level – You’ll get way more out of it because you can ask a real person the exact questions you’re having trouble with.
  • They are way more fun! – You’ll get outside in the sunshine to practice and can meet people in real life rather than just behind a screen.

Preserve your memories

Maybe your kids are all grown up with children of their own who you would love to photograph as a legacy for the future.

Perhaps you have a garden that you’re particularly proud of, or you like to travel a bit, and would love to be able to take better photos of your flowers and trips to share with family and friends.

The good news is you can.

And, you don’t need to become a professional to be a great photographer and create what you see in your artistic mind.

In this modern age, you have almost unlimited knowledge at your fingertips. For example, there’s no shortage of YouTube videos on how to do just about anything from fixing a broken lawn mower to learning photography.

But, if you’re like me, videos can soon become a frustrating way to learn. There’s always something you want to ask but can’t, so it’s preferable to invest time in more personalized learning from someone you interact with directly in a face to face setting.


It's Easier to Learn than Ever Before

I love teaching photography this way to folks like yourself, even if you feel like you’re a complete beginner. In fact, every great photographer was a beginner at some point, and I’m a strong believer that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

This is where my introvert personality is a real bonus because I’m very patient and approachable without being intimidating. For you, this means we can take it entirely at your pace.

In order to provide first-class service, I accept a limited number of clients each month. This means I can devote more time to you, personally, to teach you everything you want to know and answer all your questions along the way.

I decided to offer private lessons to inspire others to find the beauty in their own backyard and discover a passion for creating treasured photos of their own families.
You don’t have to go anywhere special to do that because home is special enough, if you know what to look for.

Yes, there are a few lucky moments, but a true artist carefully chooses exactly what to include in the frame and what to leave out.
You want to be inspired by what we create, and my goal is to help you create photos that take your breath away every time you look at them.

  • One 90 Minute Private Lesson
  • $15060 minutes
  • You have been needing a boost to help you get to the next level in your journey and want to ask specific questions face to face with someone. I'll help you on your stuck points so you can walk away with a fresh perspective and new inspiration!
  • We'll go over any topics you like, from camera settings to bringing out the vision you have in mind, to the editing process. I'll go entirely at your pace.
  • We can meet at a park and shoot together or at a cafe if you want to learn about editing and technical stuff.
  • Let
  • Pack of 3 Private Lessons
  • $3903 x 60 Minutes
  • Do you enjoy photography and want to take a little bit of "me-time" to explore your creative side?
  • Three sessions might be perfect to give you the boost you need!
  • When you purchase 3 sessions, they are $130/each.
  • With a "real person" to have a two-way conversation with, you'll improve more quickly than by watching videos alone.
  • You'll get to give yourself a break from your otherwise busy life and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings by creating your art!
  • Sign me up!
  • Pack of 8 Private Lessons
  • $7928 x 60 Minutes
  • Imagine how your photos would improve if you got personal coaching twice a week for a month!
  • Or you could spread it out over the course of 2 months if we will meet once a week.
  • Purchased as a pack of 8, this works out to $99/each. (You save over $400 compared to purchasing one at a time)
  • Plus you get email support for one month.
  • We'll go on shoots together and I'll show you how I approach a photo.
  • We'll go entirely at your pace.
  • Your images will improve quickly as we go through the process. You will walk away with newfound inspiration and amazing skills that you are excited about putting to good use.
  • I
Nadja M
"It's been well over a year since I met Naomi and I can safely say that time has in no way mellowed my appreciation for the fabulous work she does! Every step of the way she is warm, fun, insightful, professional and incredibly generous with her time and energy..."

Nadja M
Nadja Meyer Photography
Elizabeth M
"Before I met Naomi, I was watching video tutorials about photography. Nothing compares to having an actual photographer look at your photos and give you personal feedback. My work has improved 10-fold since meeting her. I highly recommend you contact her if you want to have some fun learning rather than frustration searching for answers online!"

Elizabeth M
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