Children’s Photography

One thing that every mom learns is that our children grow up really quickly!

But simple snapshots aren’t enough to fully capture every important memory.

As a mom who knows her family better than anyone, I’m sure you’re looking for a photographer who can easily encourage incredible and natural expressions from even the quietest or most camera-shy of people.

This is where my calm personality is a real bonus because I’m approachable without being intimidating. For you, this means I simply let kids be themselves without directing or influencing their every move — which allows me to capture for you those all-important authentic moments.

If we were chatting about this over coffee, you’d probably make sure I understood you don’t want hundreds of photos hurriedly taken as part of a hectic session — you just want a few excellent images you can display proudly in your home.




You’re looking for a great experience for everyone in your family, not just a photographer…

If you’re like me, you believe that natural is beautiful. There’s nothing more inspiring than a portrait that captures the authentic personalities of your kids and family, and the deep relationships you share.

Of course, it must be fun, too.

Being outside in the fresh air instead of in a stuffy studio means you all get to relax, explore nature, and simply enjoy precious moments that you’ll be able to treasure and relive later through the power of artistic photographs.

Your kids will love these photos as much as you will! And your whole family will remember the amazing time we had creating them!

Fun. Creative. Authentic.

Melissa V
"Naomi was absolutely amazing and professional..."

Melissa V
October, 2019
Patricia P
"I would definitely recommend Naomi. She was patient with our young children and everything she captured was beautiful! Couldn´t have asked for a better match."

Patricia P
Rebecca B
"Naomi has an amazing ability to notice the tiny details of a photograph. Everything in her frame is intentionally there."

Rebecca B
Business owner
Alexander M
"Really brilliant service. Very friendly, very flexible and very professional. Look no further for a talented photographer!"

Alexander M