I first picked up a film camera in high school in the mid 1990’s and loved learning about black and white film and the darkroom. All my spare time was spent taking photos and developing prints.

Of course, cameras have changed a lot since then, but I’ve never stopped learning and rarely put my camera down.

Despite wanting to “travel around the world taking photos” I realized that most of my favourite images are those of my own kids, usually taken in my hometown, because they have special memories attached.

The most prized photographs are created with intention because photography has the power to freeze moments in time.
From the moment I first stepped into a darkroom at school, I’ve loved the art of photography. Being able to create something beautiful out of what I see in the world around me is like a dream come true.

My purpose with my work:

• To bring out the beauty in all living things
• To create experiences worth remembering
• To bring an appreciation of nature to younger generations
• To capture the little things in life that might otherwise go unnoticed

My Specialties: Children and Nature!

I love nature photography because I am an environmentalist at heart and I love being in nature! Through photos, I want to share this appreciation of our natural world around us. I believe we can share our own unique corners of the earth and increase the respect for our planet and our differences through understanding how each other lives.

I love photographing children because they are so curious and grow up so quickly. It is important to me to capture these precious years before they are gone.

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Awards and Recognitions

• Recently selected by 52frames.com as “Top 3” for the week of June, 2020 for my Lockdown photo
• Winner of the Greenpeace 2019 Photo Competition – Photo published as “April” in the 2020 calendar
• Various Awards including “Community Choice”, “Peer Choice”, “Celebrity Award” “Judge Favourite” and others on Viewbug Photo Contest site 2017-2020
• Professional Member of: ISPWP, WPJ, and Fearless Photographers 2017 – present
• Named one of the Top Emerging Photographers of the Year, 2011 by Photolife Magazine
• “Water” contest winner, Published by PhotoSho magazine 2010
• “Your Shot” Winner of National Geographic Daily Dozen, published 2009

  • "Naomi has an amazing ability to notice the tiny details of a photograph. Everything in her frame is intentionally there."
    Rebecca B
    Rebecca B
  • "I would definitely recommend Naomi. She was patient with our young children and everything she captured was beautiful! Couldn´t have asked for a better match."
    Patricia P
    Patricia P
  • "Naomi was absolutely amazing and professional..."
    Melissa V
    Melissa V
  • "Really brilliant service. Very friendly, very flexible and very professional. Look no further for a talented photographer!"
    Alexander M
    Alexander M
  • "It's been well over a year since I met Naomi and I can safely say that time has in no way mellowed my appreciation for the fabulous work she does! Every step of the way she is warm, fun, insightful, professional and incredibly generous with her time and energy..."
    Nadja M
    Nadja M