You’ll probably get bored if I dig deep into the story of how I got started in photography (and I’ll get tired of typing!) so I’ll make it short.

I picked up a film camera in high school in the mid 1990’s and LOVED learning about black and white film and the darkroom. I spent all my spare time developing prints. Technology and cameras have changed a lot since then, but I’ve never stopped learning and (almost) never put my camera down since!

My younger self’s goal was to “travel around the world taking photos”, but I’ve since realized that most of my favourite images are those of my own kids, and usually those taken in my home town because they have special memories attached. I created Mayan Photography School to inspire others to find the beauty in their own backyard and discover a passion for creating photos of their own families! Afterall, you don’t have to go anywhere special to do it; home is special enough!

My Goal in Teaching Photography:

• To bring out the beauty in all living things, in amazing and authentic ways
• To create experiences worth remembering
• To bring an appreciation of nature to younger generations
• To capture the little things in life that might otherwise go unnoticed

Most of us don’t have the time or the resources (or perhaps the desire) to travel around the world and explore, though we probably do have the desire to relax and “get away” from the every day routine of normal life. I want to share my passion for photography as an escape from the daily worry that we all fall slave to. You only need to take a few minutes a day to create and play and have fun! Explore your own backyard, your patio or your even your kitchen…. and discover the freedom of being so in the moment that your worries slip away. Life is uncertain at the best of times. What you CAN count on is yourself. You got this! Start your journey into the creative world of photography with me today!

My “Why”

I’ve considered myself an environmentalist from an early age. My mom took my sister and I to protest against the clear cutting of Clayoquat Sound (the area surrounding Tofino) in 1993. It was the largest peaceful protest in Canadian history, with over 12,000 people showing up to block the logging roads over the course of the summer. (MacMillan Blodel was about to log a huge area of the old growth forest.) This really began my appreciation for nature because I got to see some of the amazing, huge trees in real life. Fast forward to today, and I want to share this appreciation of our natural world around us before it’s too late. Through photography, I beleive we can share our own unique corners of the earth with people around the world and increase the respect for our planet and our differences. Join me and share the beauty in your backyard!

Awards and Recognitions

• Winner of the Greenpeace 2019 Photo Competition – Photo published as “April” in the 2020 calendar
• Awarded “Community Choice” & “Peer Choice” on Viewbug 2016-2018
• Consitently voted in the top 10% of photographers by a jury of professional peers, 2016 – 2020 Viewbug Community
• Professional Member of: ISPWP, WPJ, and Fearless Photographers 2017 – present
• Named one of the Top Emerging Photographers of the Year, 2011 by Photolife Magazine
• “Water” contest winner, Published by PhotoSho magazine 2010
• “Your Shot” Winner of National Geographic Daily Dozen, published 2009

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